Escaped From the Lab: SPLASH 2017 Workshop Report

SPLASH 2017, Vancouver BC, Canada
October 22, 2017

Workshop mission

The discussion in this workshop focused on four big ideas:

Workshop raw notes

The complete workshop "raw notes" are available as an HTML file -- see

Workshop report

What is an innovation?

Innovations are not just isolated cool things...

Innovations: from brainstorm to product

Sustaining your innovation

Once your innovation escapes from the lab, how do you keep it going? Here are some practical ways to get more users, customers, and revenues:

  1. building funding and visibility
  2. getting feedback, building quality
  3. defending your innovation

Advice for programming language experts

As a "language expert", you will never get rich -- because you are working on "enabling technology" that is invisible to many people. But there are other rewards:

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