SPLASH '17 Workshop: Escaped from the Lab

Workshop date:  Sunday October 22, 2017, 8:30am - 5pm
Location:  SPLASH '17 Conference in Vancouver

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Workshop Final Report

Workshop Overview

This is the website for the SPLASH workshop “Escaped from the Lab”.

What are some of the practices for taking new ideas and converting them into products?

Even large organizations have a difficult time sustaining the innovation process. The all-to-common story: One part of the organization over-commits (promises the earth, moon, and stars), and another part of the organization is forced to deliver. The extravagant promise of the Powerpoint presentation is converted into the trail of tears of the Gantt chart. The grandiose project was originally supposed to be feasible. There were some small technology trials that proved out the basic ideas for low-volume transaction rates and simplified user interfaces. The product was supposed to be delivered in record time because of high rates of software reuse. So what went wrong?

This workshop will explore the intersection of modern software technology and tools, high reliability and performance requirements, large organizations, and conflicts in the software development process.

“Escaped from the lab” is an issue both in industry and academia. Many technology companies have a significant investment in research, and some notable companies have a division with the name “Labs” or “Research” in its title (IBM, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Oracle, Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens). But there is a trend for technology companies to look to outside sources of technology innovations such as partnerships with other companies, university research organizations, and government-sponsored labs. Companies can profit from good relationships with university researchers, and innovators in an academic environment usually need some strategies to find industry partners to get an innovation into practice.

This workshop will explore questions and obstacles in making research ideas practical for use in the real world. Workshop discussion topics will include:

How to join the Workshop

Are you interested in joining the dialog on the issues of bringing research into practice? Here is how you can join the workshop:

  1. Contact one of the workshop organizers listed below.
  2. Prepare an optional one-page “position paper” -- containing your ideas, questions, and experiences. Send your position paper to dmancl - AT - acm.org. Position papers are due by September 7, 2017.
  3. You will receive notification of your acceptance into the workshop by September 12.

The workshop will accept “walk-ins” on the day of the workshop. (If you plan to attend the workshop, send us email as soon as you can, so we can prepare for you.)

The format of the workshop is a facilitated discussion workshop - the topics for discussion will be drawn from the workshop reading materials, the position statements of the workshop participants, and an initial brainstorming session at the beginning of the workshop. The workshop participants will also produce a post-workshop poster - to report the workshop results to other SPLASH attendees. This format is a good way to encourage discussion among conference attendees from both academic and industry. The results may include some new research questions as well as guidelines for cross-organizational collaboration.

Workshop committee:

Extra material

Extra material (useful readings, links to relevant books and articles) will be posted here.

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