OOPSLA '09 Workshop: Architecture in an Agile World

Workshop date:  Sunday October 25, 8:30am - 5pm
Location:  OOPSLA '09 Conference in Orlando

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Workshop Overview

This is the website for the OOPSLA workshop on software product development issues.

The world is moving faster than ever, and our software development techniques are struggling to keep up. We feel we need to have an agile feature set, but without a well-defined and understandable architecture, we feel like everything is in chaos. How do we manage the balance between architecture and agility?

Practitioners of agile development are promoting "less documentation" - architecture is viewed as "big design up front", and therefore it is something too costly to develop and maintain.

This workshop will explore the intersection of agility, architecture-centric design, team organization, re-architecting, reengineering, and long-term evolution issues. Some questions and topics we will consider include:

The workshop will explore the tension between agile and architecture-centric philosophies, and some practical ideas for combining the two approaches.

How to join the Workshop

Are you interested in the juncture of agile and architecture? You can join in on the discussion.  Here is how you can become part of the workshop:

  1. Contact one of the workshop organizers listed below.
  2. Prepare a one-page "position paper" -- containing your ideas, questions, and experiences.  Send your position paper to mancl - AT - alcatel-lucent.com.  (The original position paper due date was September 4, 2009 -- but we will still accept position papers until September 30. But please contact Dennis Mancl by email as soon as possible to confirm your interest.).
The workshop is organized as a set of interactive brainstorming and discussion sessions.  The workshop participants will prepare a poster to present at the OOPSLA poster session on Monday afternoon.

Workshop committee:

Link to the original workshop proposal: architecture_agile.pdf

Position Papers

The following position papers have been submitted to this workshop:

Extra material

Other useful articles to read before the workshop:

A good quote from Kent Beck:

A good quote from Eric Evans:

A good quote from Luke Hohmann:

Some interesting questions:

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