OOPSLA '05 Workshop: Fostering Software Reliability in an Increasingly Hostile World

Workshop date:  Sunday, October 16, 2005
Location:  OOPSLA '05 Conference in San Diego, California

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Workshop Overview

Reliability and Availability are important characteristics of good quality software systems:
This workshop will discuss a number of important questions relating to software reliability:
What technologies can help make our software more reliable?  Will object oriented and component-based techniques help?
Which methods work?  What are the costs and benefits?
What are the risks of doing nothing?
Are there combinations of techniques that make it easier to achieve “commercial transaction system” or “carrier-grade” levels of reliability?

Are you interested in joining the dialog on software reliability?  Here is how you can join the workshop:
  1. Contact one of the workshop organizers listed below.
  2. Prepare a one-page "position paper" -- containing your ideas, questions, and experiences.  Send your position paper to mancl - AT - lucent.com.  Position papers are due by August 25, 2005.
  3. You will receive notification of your acceptance into the workshop by September 5.
One good place to start for ideas about reliability is Greg Utas's website:  http://www.pentennea.com.  Follow the "Book" link to read several chapters of Greg's book on design issues for high-reliability software.

The workshop will be organized as a set of interactive brainstorming and discussion sessions.  The workshop participants will prepare a poster to be presented at the OOPSLA poster session on Monday afternoon.

The workshop is limited to at most 20 participants, so please send email to one of the committee members early if you are interested.

Tentative agenda

8:30-9:30 -- short presentations of the position statements of the workshop participants; setting the agenda for the day
9:30-10:00 -- brainstorming session: to create a list of the most important reliability topics

10:00-4:00 -- at least 3 iterative working sessions: based on the material prioritized in the brainstorming session
[working lunch will take place somewhere in this interval]

4:00-5:00 -- wrap up: creation of a poster for the OOPSLA poster session

More resources for the workshop:

Workshop committee:
For more information on the OOPSLA conference, see http://oopsla.acm.org.

If you are interested in more information, contact Dennis Mancl (at Lucent Technologies -- email address is "my last name"@"company name").

Position Papers

The following links are the "position papers" that were written by some of the workshop participants: