Usability issues in software development tools

Dennis Mancl
Nov. 8, 2018

(This talk was part of a panel discussion at a talk sponsored by User Experience Professional Association - UXPA-NJ.)

Usability – software development tools

There are many complex tools to support software development. What are some of the issues for usability?

What kinds of tasks are involved?

Code creation, editing, reviews, testing, code management...

IDEs – Integrated Development Environments

Most coding work is “editing files”

An IDE is big and ugly – like running a nuclear power plant many windows, many buttons

Why IDEs? Possible problems.

syntax directed editor – the main editing functions in an IDE provide automated help with formatting, finding the right function to be called

Many other “one person” coding tasks

As a software developer, you are the pilot of a “one-man scout ship” – not so good at interworking with others

Why IDEs? Possible problems.

Code review tools


Source code management tools


Automated build and continuous integration tools

Project management tools

A constantly-evolving set of work tasks

Project tools try to address the needs of managers and team members...



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