More KenKen Puzzles

Examples of 6x6 and 7x7 KenKen puzzles.

The standard 4x4 KenKen puzzle is pretty easy -- most people can do the puzzle in a few minutes.  But larger KenKen puzzles are more involved and they require more steps (and more mathematical reasoning) to solve correctly.

Example of a 6x6 KenKen puzzle


Tips for 6x6 KenKen puzzles

Here are some of the standard analysis items for 6x6 KenKen puzzles.  There are many two-box cages that are commonly found in 6x6 KenKen puzzles that have only one choice for values:

In addition, there are several common two-box cages that only have two choices for values:

There are a few interesting three-box cages that sometimes are found in KenKen puzzles:

Example of a 7x7 KenKen puzzle

A 7x7 KenKen puzzle is a bit more work than a 6x6, but most of the solving techniques are similar.  You can add pencil notes for some of the two square cages until you have solved some of the squares.

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