Architecture in an Agile World

This "Architecture in an Agile World" project started in fall 2009, with a discussion-based workshop at the ACM OOPSLA 2009 conference. This workshop explored some of the basic ideas of how best to use architectural thinking and software models in the context of agile development.

Agility is an important characteristic of product development in the business world - but in many problem domains, architecture is valuable too. The combination of agile and architecture-driven approaches is often essential to success - it creates some opportunities for discovering potential problems early in the development cycle.

There is a fair amount of disagreement about the nature of the relationship between agility and architecture. Philippe Kruchten and George Fairbanks have probably the most moderate points of view on this topic.

Overview talk

This article (arch_agile_notes.html) is an overview talk on Agility and Architecture (from March 2016).

Workshop reports

There are two major OOPSLA/SPLASH workshops that discussed many of the issues:

  • Architecture in an Agile World - workshop at the OOPSLA 2009 conference:
  • Architecture in an Agile World - workshop at the SPLASH 2010 conference:

    Useful articles on Agile and Architecture

    The following articles provide useful background to understand the costs and benefits of doing some architecture work in agile projects.

    Useful architecture techniques for agile projects

    The following articles explain several useful techniques to use in order to build lightweight and flexible architectures:

    Useful quotes

    A good quote from Kent Beck:

    A good quote from Eric Evans:

    A good quote from Luke Hohmann:

    Architecture smells

    Is my agile project doing an adequate amount of architecture work? One way to tell is to look for "architecture smells" -- indications that you are doing extra work that could be avoided with more attention to architecture.

    The following partial list of architecture smells was proposed in the SPLASH 2010 workshop:

  • A number of incidents in operations

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