ICSE2022 Birds of a Feather Session

BoF 8: Brainstorming Ways to Make Remote Work on Software Less Onerous

at the face-to-face ICSE 2022 in Pittsburgh
Wednesday May 25, 4:30-5:30pm

Short description

Remote work often feels like a death march. Why does this happen and what can we do about it? In this session, the goal is to have participants build up a list of questions/issues/pitfalls/tentative approaches.

About this session

This is a Brainstorming Session - an opportunity to put ideas on the table, learn from the experience of others, discover some experiments that researchers might try to feed into a future ICSE paper, or come up with a new killer practice that development teams can start using next Monday.

The structure of the session is simple: the participants will add ideas to 2 lists:

Where is this going?

We desperately need ideas. And sometimes it is a good thing to be desperate. The best ideas come from a “need” and a bunch of smart people who are ready to try anything.

We need to remember that remote work on software doesn”t need to be a death march. We can treat our fellow team members with patience and respect. We can adapt our processes and try some simple technologies to improve communication.

Initial brainstorming results

The participants brainstormed two “lists” of experiences and ideas. The first list was a set of issues... the problems that we have all encountered with remote working and remote meetings (including the number of “votes” for each issue):

The second list was a set of possible solutions to the issues... many of them are approaches that participants have been using in their own work environment (including the number of “votes” for each solution):

Images from the discussion

Lessons learned from the brainstorming discussion

Still thinking about the conclusions... I will post the final results of the brainstorming (and some followup questions) on this webpage:

Some recent articles about remote working

Last modified: May 26, 2022