The 2024 “Future of Conferences” Research Survey

In February 2024, the results of a Spring 2022 survey on "Virtual and the Future of Conferences" were reported in the Communications of the ACM (CACM):

We are running a followup survey -- please share your current conference preferences (in-person, hybrid, and/or virtual) to improve understanding on how meeting participation continues to evolve post-pandemic.

Thank you in advance for your input and for sharing the survey link with your colleagues. The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2024.

[17 questions; about 10 minutes]

About the survey: Knowledge transfer and collaboration researchers Steven Fraser and Dennis Mancl are the survey sponsors. The survey is open until June 1 to anyone in the global Software/IT community who frequently attends conferences and wishes to share their experiences and suggestions. In addition to publishing results via ACM, IEEE, Agile Alliance, etc., Steve and Dennis anticipate that their survey may serve as input to panel discussions and workshops that will help shape the future of conferences. Please feel free to share the survey with your colleagues and community.